Black Wall Street - A brief History

Black Wall Street - A brief History

I bet a larger percentage of people reading this are just hearing about Black Wall Street for the first. If you have then you deserve a medal - see Admin. Lol

In the early 20th century, when racism was still quite prevalent in America. The black were compelled to create a community of their own in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The name of this place was formerly called Greenwood. However, after the Tulsa race riot, it was addressed as the Black Wall Street.

The majority of Black Americans worked as servants in the Tulsa communities. Due to the high rate of segregation and dehumanizing activity of the whites, Ottowa W. Gurley considered creating a community of his own. And this became the beginning of the Black Wall Street.

Who is Ottawa W. Gurley? What is the Black Wall Street? Come along as we explain.

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Origin of the Black Wall Street

Ottowa W. Gurley worked with the Grover Cleveland Presidential administration. Due to the craziness of racism (what you see today is nothing compared to what was obtainable then), he decided to resign and become an entrepreneur.

Then, Tulsa was one of the major communities with a multiracial population.

Ottowa acquired a vast area of land, approximately 40 acres in the Tulsa community. The settlement was later named Greenwood. He partnered with another African American businessman called John The Baptist Stradford.

The two men began working on how to develop a self-sustaining black community. They started by building a grocery store and several boarding facilities. The boarding facilities were available to Blacks who were victims of racism and on the run.

Ottowa and J.B were able to divide the land into housing areas, streets, stores, and other business centers. The Greenwood environment and its amenities were exclusively available to African Americans alone. The community soon had its school and an Episcopal Church.

Following an increase in the wealth of Ottowa W. Gurley. He decided to build the Gurley Hotel which was considered more beautiful than other major white owned hotels.

Another great boast the community experienced happened when oil was discovered in the island of Greenwood. This resulted in a great emigration of blacks into the community. Consequently, the local economy of Greenwood became massive due to the much influx of dollars.

This is what happened. The Black community worked for the whites and spent their money in the black community. So that way money was kept in circulation within the community and more kept coming in. Nothing promotes a healthy economy in a community as much as this does.

This community was later tagged the 'The Black Wall Street' by Booker T. Washington.

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The Tulsa race riot of 1921

Also known as the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 was a riot that led to the massive destruction of the Black community. Although the Greenwood community still thrived for a little while after the riot, however, the riot led to a serious financial decline in the community.

The financial decline came as a result of the destruction of businesses and the stalling of oil workers activities. The income of the black people became very low. Several attempts were made by the black entrepreneurs to rebuild the community. And, finally they were able to finance the rebuilding without much support from the Tulsa district government.

The community began to thrive again as business activities were booming. There was also a fair inclusion of African Americans in both politics and civic participation. This came as a result of legal support that was given to the black communities.

However, in the year 1950, the Desegregation bill was passed. This therefore gave access to white folks to move into the Black Wall Street. Consequently, there was a decline in the economic health of the community. Gradually, the memories of the Black Wall Street became history. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth.


While it lasted, Greenwood Island served as a paradise to the African American community in Tulsa. It became a self-sustaining community with its businesses, schools, and church. Its massive increase in population and economic activities resulted in its naming as The Black Wall Street.


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Investopedia- Origins of Black Wall Street

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