Evolution of Money

Evolution of Money

The invention of money can be said to be one of the greatest inventions of civilization. Money is a system created to enhance the effectiveness of trading. That is, money is essentially the solution offered to the problem of barters' inadequacies. Not only this, the advent of money consequently gave birth to the idea of banking and even economics as we have it now.

Money has evolved over time and will definitely continue to evolve. The concept of money in the world system has passed through a series of stages. Money in the primitive age is different from money in this modern age.

However, money serves the same purpose both in the primitive age and the modern - a medium of exchange.

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What is Money?

Money is anything that is generally acceptable, serves as a medium of exchange, and can be used for debt settlement. This is the most commonly used definition of money in Economics. It as well gives you an idea of the major characteristic of money - It is generally acceptable.

More so, money acting as a medium of exchange means it can be used to facilitate trades. Trade is done in connection with money, either directly or indirectly. When money isn't involved, then there is debt, of which money is as well needed to make a settlement.

Simply put, money is the basis of trades and value exchange. Nonetheless, there are other functions of money which we may probably explore later.

The primitive Mans' System of Trade

The prevalent occupations of the primitive men was farming and hunting. In some cases, there may be people who engage in other activities too. However, the essence of their activities was to ensure survival.

As time went by, there was a need to meet other needs too. Also, due to factors like; difficulties in storing and keeping things of value; natural limitation of each man. There was a need to come up with a system of exchange. Hence, the idea of Trade By Barter.

Trade by barter is also known as the Barter system. This system involves the meeting of two people essentially to exchange commodities. For example, a hunter that needs yam will look for a farmer that needs meat. The two can now exchange their different goods for the sake of meeting one another's needs.

History has it that, between 8000 BC and 6000 BC, the batter system of trade became prevalent among Greece, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. However, there were a lot of limitations attached to this primitive system of trade.

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One of the inadequacy of the system is lack of central measurement for commodities. There is no specific value for goods being exchanged. Likewise, shortage of people willing to exchange at the same time a person is willing. There was therefore a need to come up with a better system of trade.

The involvement of a great number of people and communities in the batter system of trade gave birth to market systems. As a result of this, it became important to come up with a fair system of exchange. Hence, the innovation of money.


The evolution of money can be traced to the barter system of trade. The need for money is seen as a result of the inadequacies attached to the trade by barter. There is much more to explore about the advent of money. In the next topic we will dive further into the evolution of money.


Wikipedia - History of money
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Value equals money
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