Financial Intelligence - The What and Why

Financial Intelligence - The What and Why

You may or may not agree with us, but the problem with many people these days is not the
lack of money but financial intelligence. Financial intelligence is pivotal to solving most
financial problems. It’s not firstly about how much a person earns. Although it’s intelligence to ensure you increase your basic income, you can do more with little when you are financially wise.

What is Financial intelligence?

Knowing what money can do is different from knowing what you can do with money. It is much more than spending money on wants and needs. There are more important things you can do with money other than spending it on liability.
Financial intelligence opens your eyes to more power in money other than purchasing power. It’s the insight you have to manage your personal finance, business, and corporate finance.
Financial intelligence helps you to consider the budget before making any financial
decision. It is the management of both income and expenditure. Lack of financial intelligence is what leads to poor financial decisions. Money can multiply only if you have the necessary financial intelligence to make it happen.

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Why is financial intelligence important?

The importance of financial intelligence cannot be over-emphasized in business and personal finance. There is a popular saying that it is intelligence that solves problems, not money.
This is why you need financial intelligence;

● Understanding that money can be controlled
Your understanding of money determines what you do with your money. Financial intelligence helps you to understand that money is controllable. Impulsive buyer, spending money without a properly thought out plan shows you are not been intelligent financially.
You need to understand that the money is yours and you determine who gets it. Assets or
liabilities. One reproduces for you the other drains you.

● Understating the concept of savings and investment
Savings keep money, investment multiplies it. You should also note that any money you save
loses value over time due to inflation. Currently, the inflation rate in Nigeria is about 11% per year. That means money saved in the bank loses its buying power by 11% yearly.

● Helps you set financial goals
To ensure financial growth, you must set financial goals. Your measurable financial goals help determine if you are lagging or on track financially. Financial intelligence helps in goal settings and budget making.

● Financial intelligence increases wealth
Poor financial decisions can make you lose wealth and obvious you won’t be able to
increase wealth. Financial intelligence helps understand cash flow and identify loopholes.
You deal with the loopholes and optimize the cash flow pattern for growth.

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Actionable Tips for Financial Intelligence

The first tip is to be deliberate about being financially intelligent. It doesn’t just jump on people or happen in the sweet by and by. You need to create a system around yourself.
Here are a few habits you should cultivate;

● Save to invest
Money-saving is good but it does not increase the value of money. As such, you must save to invest and not just save alone.

● Plan your purchase and spending
You must be intentional about evaluating what you buy with your money. Focusing on your
needs not wants is a healthy financial decision.

● Do not take a loan without a plan
Never take a loan to purchase liability. If you can’t afford it yet, you probably shouldn’t get it. Taking a loan without a plan can jeopardize your financial health. It’s only smart to take a loan when you need it to expand your profitable business or health emergencies. Taking a loan to purchase a car is not smart. Well, except you want to start a business as an uber drive - by all means, do.

● Increase your financial knowledge
One of the best investments is an investment in oneself. Invest in your financial knowledge
by reading financial intelligence books. Attend seminars and workshops on financial


Financial intelligence is the key to wealth. Your income might not be the problem but your
lack of financial intelligence. Having the right attitude to financial intelligence puts you on the right track of making wealth.
Let us know what you think about Financial Intelligence, Drop us a comment below!

We will consider The Impact Of Covid-19 On the World Economy next!

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