Men Who Built America - Part 1

Men Who Built America - Part 1

The popular saying 'America was not discovered, it was built' has its foothold in the series titled 'Men who Built America'. This docudrama features extensive details about these men and their activities. This series equally will give a snippet view of those men and their immense contribution.

Men who built America is the story of Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford. It features the history of how each of these men through their businesses enhanced the economy of America. It also explores the industrial activities and business operations of each man.

Each of these men have their contribution to the capitalist economy of America. There was also a synergy between each of these men at certain points. The connections between the invention of these men gave birth to the emergence of America as the world economy giant.

Men who Built America should serve as an encouragement for every visionary leader. This is because it explores the movement from vision to achievement. It analyzed needed leadership skills for survival in a capitalist economy. The series will be discussed continuously in our next few articles.

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Overview of the Men who built America

Men who built America is a series that discussed the history, business, and impact of four major men. It gave the details about their investment and its consequential effect on the American economy. While each of the men will be extensively discussed in the next articles. Below is the overview of their activity;

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Cornelius Vanderbilt was notable for his contribution to the Railroad industry in America. Before venturing into the railroad business, he had already made a mark in the shipping and Steam engine business. He suffered fierce competition in his railroad attempt. However, he became instrumental in the easy movement of goods in and out of America.

John D Rockefeller

Rockefeller was notable for being a big investor in the oil industry of America. He created the largest oil company in the United States of America. He also maintained a monopoly by buying off his rivals in the refiner business. Rockefeller company controlled 90% of America's pipeline and refinery.

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Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie is referred to as the American steel magnate. He co-founded a steel company which later metamorphosed into a steel empire. He was able to expand his wealth by securing the distribution of raw materials involved in steel making. The Carnegie steel company was the biggest in America at the time.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is notable for building the world's first horseless carriage known as the 'Quadricycle'. He made use of a gasoline engine and four wheels to power the Quadricycle. Ford also went ahead to create the first automobile car in the history of the world. He established the Ford Motor Company and created the Model T automobile in America.


The emergence of America as a global superpower is traceable to the impact of these four men. The business operation and activities are what helped in shaping the economy of America. No doubt, America was built by these great men. African can also be built by capitalist and vision driven entrepreneurs like me and you.

The next topic will feature with great details the life and legacy of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

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tosyn 20 Apr '21
Nice piece
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Nice piece
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Knowledge is power
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Very educative
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Thanks for the history
nafsy 19 Apr '21
Really learning so many things
amodumujeeb 19 Apr '21
I hope African men too should stand up and build tomorrow.
enipeace 19 Apr '21
Thanks for sharing.
ishola1706 19 Apr '21
Crestway all the way
nutitedah 19 Apr '21
God bless America
olawale100001 19 Apr '21
Wow,the great USA
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Quite educative
jstar 19 Apr '21
Nice one crestway
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Thanks for this information.
ayakaterver01 19 Apr '21
Building a country's economy is actually a collective thing. Its a mistake to always cry foul that government is not doing anything.
jonathanchama 19 Apr '21
This are Men with vision.
valentine1413 19 Apr '21
Good to learn this
chosenboy 19 Apr '21
Who say men no dey
audu1986 19 Apr '21
Crestway is great,and educative
smeg 19 Apr '21
The government also helped them by creating the right business atmosphere
idowu_omohu0001 19 Apr '21
missgenius 19 Apr '21
Interesting. Thanks crestway
michael95 19 Apr '21
umoh 19 Apr '21
The business operation and activities are what helped in shaping the economy of America, that can also be done in our country.
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dareakins 19 Apr '21
We will build Nigeria too
anaguphilip 19 Apr '21
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samsono 19 Apr '21
Pretty good to know their names as every standing nation is built by men! I want to believe its not just the vision we carry, but those ready to criticise and kill it. Nevertheless, we will rise again. All the way Crestway✌
ajuluchukwu 19 Apr '21
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I'm a fan of Cornelius Vanderbilt.
bolurepublic 19 Apr '21
America Super power
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The great U.S.A
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