The Apex Bank - Who, What and Why

The Apex Bank - Who, What and Why

The Apex Bank is the highest bank in any independent nation of the world. Most times, it is
otherwise known as the Central Bank. Although in the United States of America, it is known as the Foreign Reserve. Regardless of the name, it is called, it serves the same function.

The Apex Bank can be defined as a bank saddled with the responsibility of conducting
monetary policy, bank regulations, and preventing inflation in a country. All of these are done in an attempt to keep the economy of the nation in good shape.
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Who Controls the Apex Bank?

Every Apex bank is meant to be independent to maintain accountability and avoid corruption. However, there are cases in some nations of the world where government officials exert a level of influence on the Apex Bank.
In some capitalist and socialist nations, the government views the central banks as their banks. This is typically wrong as every Apex Bank is meant to be independent. In a developed country, the Apex Bank is an independent body whereas its leadership is appointed by the government.

What is the Structure of the Apex Bank?

There are three levels in the work structure of The Apex Bank. The levels are;
● The leadership
● Board of directors
● General staff

The leadership of the Apex Bank consists of a Director and the Deputy Directors (two or more). The director and the deputy directors of any Apex Bank are appointed by the Government. The executive arm of the government carries out the appointment based on merit. Then legislative ratify and approve the appointment. Meanwhile, the board of directors consists of the directors of every commercial bank in the nation. They serve as the members of the board and work hand-in-hand with the Executive director.
The last level in The Apex Bank is the general staff in the bank. Each section of the bank is
divided into departments consisting of Heads and Associate Staff.
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Why the Apex Bank?

The Apex Bank essentially is created to ensure the financial health of a nation. To achieve this, a lot of other activities are done. These activities are seen as the functions of the central banks. They are as follows;
● Monetary Policy
The Apex Bank creates monetary policies that aid economic growth through liquidity control. Some of these policies are reserve requirement, open market operation, andinterest rate decision.
● Financial Service
Apex Bank as a government bank is responsible for controlling the nation's foreign reserve. Likewise, in an attempt to control inflation, the Apex Bank regulates the exchange rate.
● Bank Regulations
Apex Bank is also known as the bank of banks. Therefore, they regulate commercial banks
and decide the reserve rate. They can also provide funds to commercial banks during low liquidity.
● Printing and Issuing of Money
The Apex Bank are responsible for printing and issuing new currencies. This action can
increase the rate of money circulation in the country.
● Government's Bank
The Apex Bank serves as the government bank in that they help in the selling of
government bonds. The Apex Bank can also lend the government money when required to.


The importance of the Apex Bank in any nations of the world can’t be overstated. Their duty ensures the stability and growth of the economy.
An Apex Bank is a major tool for influencing the economy. When their power is well wielded they can grow or crumble the economy of a nation.
Let us know what you think about the central bank of Nigeria. Do you think they are doing
their possible best in building and stabilising the economy of the country?
We will consider Basic Economics For Everyone next!
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The Nigerian Apex bank is truly backward in terms of performance, cuz their monetary policies are sometimes to the favor of the elite group, and also d lackadaisical attitude to enforcing better policies dat may boost d economy is also a problem
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How does the Apex bank help investors??
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How does the APEX bank print her currency?
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Great read!In my opinion, the Central Bank of Nigeria will do better than now if corrupted personnels can be filtered out. This looks so unrealistic in our Nigeria tho but what can we do? Anyways, I believe information like this will be helpful in keeping us abrest of the financial situation of the
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Nigerian Apex bank is the worst, they will continue printing and borrowing money
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adline 01 Apr '21
This is nice, actually my first time knowing this
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Nice piece crestway sincerely the Apex bank known are CBN aren't helping the situation at all. They are getting things worst, naira has lost value in the market.
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This is good information. I can now know that the directors of commercial banks form the board of director of cbn
faitty 01 Apr '21
Good write up crestway bt to be factual it's as if we don't even have the apex bank functioning considering the level of inflation, even price control in the market.
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Extremely good Info.
manash17 01 Apr '21
Looking at the recent regulations the CBN lacks the value of independence and how it is affected by different regimes of government.
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Insightful and educative piece, however the Apex bank of Nigeria herein refered to as the Central Bank of Nigeria is nothing to write home about courtesy the level of inflation.
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Fact but ironically reverse is the case in Nigeria. It is as if none is in existence with the level of inflation on continues rise every day occasioned by bad policies.
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Well for a fact.. FBN is not an individual stand on their own cause even the government control it still. So any which way, the corruption is still in it
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