What Happened To Africa Economy - Part 6 (Case Study of Uganda)

What Happened To Africa Economy - Part 6 (Case Study of Uganda)

The Republic Of Uganda is a country located in the East-Central region of Africa with a population of over 42 million people. Uganda has a lot of internal factors militating against its economic growth.

The Republic of Uganda is endowed with fertile land for agriculture and several mineral resources. If only the country could effectively manage its potential. It is a country that has all the needed potential to be a food basket of the nations.

According to Wikipedia, the estimated nominal GDP of Uganda is $36.484 billion. The agricultural sector accounts for 71.9% of the Gross Domestic Product of Uganda. As at 2019, the inflation rate in the country was 3.2%. Also, 21.4 % of her population is below the poverty line.

The Republic of Uganda suffers from economic mismanagement and political instability. This has resulted in the poor performance of her economy. Consequently, the country remains one of the poorest countries in the world in spite of abundant resources.

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Key players in Uganda Economy

The agricultural sector is plays a key role in the economic development of the nation. It boasts of over 50% of her GDP. Relatively to the agricultural potential of Uganda, this is low. If properly managed, the agricultural output could easily double its performance.

Uganda is notable in the production and exportation of foods and other agricultural produce. Some of such products are; sugarcane, plantation, cassava, maize, potatoes, banana, onion, sorghum, rice, and millet. The country has on many occasions featured amidst the world top 10 producers of some of these products. Interestingly, the agricultural sector of the nation can still be said to be underutilized.

Other notable economic sectors of the country are mining and petroleum. The nation is enriched in solid minerals like golds, tungsten, tin, clay, copper, limestone, and granite. However, the country has done little or nothing with these resources. The oil reserve of the country and natural gas has been greatly unexploited and untapped.

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Factors responsible for bad economic growth in Uganda

A lot of factors are contributing to the bad economic performance of the Republic of Uganda. The economic growth experienced in the country has not been equitable. That is, it has no effect on the per capita income of the nation.

The 2020 World Bank overview of the country's economic condition analyses the factor for her poor economic performance. Some of the factors are as follows;

Poor education

One major challenge facing the Republic of Uganda as a whole is poor education. Uganda's education system is very poor and incapable of delivering quality students. As a result of this, there is low production of skilled personnel who could impact the economy.

Over-reliance on Agriculture

Agriculture is the most engaged industry in the Republic of Uganda. Despite the abundance of oil minerals and solid minerals. Those resources are underutilised due to over-dependence on Agriculture. And, even at that more could still be done in the agricultural sector.

Poor Technological Advancement

Even in the 4th industrial revolution, Uganda has not been able to move with the pace of technology. Technological involvement in expected industries has been considerably low.

Political Instability

The Republic of Uganda politics has been a big reason for her underdevelopment. The political structures are filled with crisis and power tussle. This has consistently led to internal crises within the country.


The Republic of Uganda can do so much better. The abundant resources available are capable of pushing the country over to developed nation status. In short, Uganda is another outlook at Africa's economic underutilisation. Hopefully in the coming years we believe for a change. Let us know what you think about this series on africa so far. We are rounding it up soon.


Wikipedia: Economy of Uganda
World bank: 2020 overview of Uganda Economy

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evedyne 11 Apr '21
Only God can help africa
rosysexy19 11 Apr '21
bimak 11 Apr '21
maceke 11 Apr '21
When there is a reduction in corruption in Africa, the economy will become stronger.
mank 11 Apr '21
An enlighting one
oluwabunmi 11 Apr '21
Very Educating
thesecondson 11 Apr '21
It's a good article
ishola1706 11 Apr '21
Good to be here
audu1986 11 Apr '21
If Africa country can vote in purposeful and selfless leaders who are dedicated to the success of their country,Africa will be great
jwealth 11 Apr '21
Crestway lite
augustinemiracle 10 Apr '21
the major factor here is poor management just like nigeria
evedyne 10 Apr '21
Hmm very educative
idowu_omohu0001 10 Apr '21
We shall overcome
bimak 10 Apr '21
Information is Power
smeg 10 Apr '21
Poor governance
ayakaterver01 10 Apr '21
Crestway is the real deal
samsono 10 Apr '21
Seems as though this issue of power tussle and its crisis is prevalent in our African Countries. Just pray God comes through for us all. Nice article Crestway
dareakins 10 Apr '21
We can all do better. God help us
temi 10 Apr '21
julies 10 Apr '21
Thanks for letting me know
adebayo 10 Apr '21
Africa shall be great
fagbohun 10 Apr '21
Good article.
ishola1706 10 Apr '21
Am happy to be here
ayotunde 10 Apr '21
Nice one, so we need a way forward..
ayotunde 10 Apr '21
Nice one, so we need a way forward..
omolejerome 10 Apr '21
Nice write up
kenhinde 10 Apr '21
All I have to say is that God is going to see Uganda through, about there education hmmmm.
kenhinde 10 Apr '21
All I have to say is that God is going to see Uganda through, about there education hmmmm.
parckadity 10 Apr '21
If its not crestway it can't b like crest way bcox eggroll without egg na bons
tosyn 10 Apr '21
Be wise!!
olawale100001 10 Apr '21
necessity 10 Apr '21
ofure 10 Apr '21
Nice post. Thanks alot
missgenius 10 Apr '21
Very interesting
oluwafemi 10 Apr '21
Nice story line
maceke 10 Apr '21
It is true that Uganda is backward in education. But why bad government everywhere? It is the same politicians that cause instability in Uganda. May God bless us.
ogugua 10 Apr '21
valentine1413 10 Apr '21
Ok. We've learned about Uganda's economic problem today. I pray they address the problems.
umoh 10 Apr '21
Noted for compliance
ijebs 10 Apr '21
We will survive...
jonathanchama 10 Apr '21
Africa is mismanaged
amodumujeeb 10 Apr '21
Nigeria over relied on mineral resources(oil) neglecting agriculture while Uganda over relied on Agriculture...what a pity!
chosenboy 10 Apr '21
God bless Africa
michael95 10 Apr '21
Very interesting
oladiti 10 Apr '21
Mismanagement and over-reliance on a sector are peculiar to almost all African nations. Nice article
mkumz01 10 Apr '21
Very educative
aliwa 10 Apr '21
Noted for Uganda
nwokedi 10 Apr '21
Wow! The issue of resources mismanagement and political instability has wrecked much havoc on our continent Africa!!
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