What Happened to Africa's Economy

What Happened to Africa's Economy

African is the second largest continent in the world after Asian. The continent which consists majorly of the black race consists of 54 independent countries.
However, Nigeria and South Africa make up almost 50% of this economy of the continent. This is going to be an interesting series and a panoramic view at history. This series will analyze the situation of Africa's economy during colonialism and the post-colonial era. Likewise, we will take a look at the current economic condition of Africa. Case studies of major African countries will also be discussed in the later series of this article.

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Africa’s Economy during the Colonial Era

Most African countries before the colonial era were known to have the majority of their people as farmers. They were either commercial farmers or farmed for personal consumption. Other major occupations included hunting, blacksmithing, weaving and a couple of others. Relatively, the economic state of the continent was fairly okay.
But, then the Europeans can in. The European countries in an attempt to exploit the wealth (man power and natural resources) in Africa came to colonize her people. The colonial rules ensured the planting of large cash crops and then bought them at giveaway price to trade in Europe.
The colonial rule also ensured the lands and their resources were exploited and exported to European countries. This was used to develop their countries while the African continent was left largely undeveloped.
British and French, the major colonial masters over the regions of Africa, traded so well with resources exploited from Africa.

The Effect of Colonialism on Africa’s Economy

Africa's play on the world trade platform as a whole can be traced to imperialism and the colonial era. The colonial rules and their operation in Africa had a lot of effects on her economy. They include;

Introduction of ineffective economy
The economic system of Africa was disorganized by the colonial masters. The production of goods, market operation, and trade pattern adopted were to the disadvantage of Africans.
Underdevelopment of the African countries
To ensure the profiting of the colonizers, they ensured that the African people focused more on the production of goods meant for exports. Meanwhile, the production of goods that can enhance the development of the country was dissuaded.

Disorganizing the traditional market system
To introduce the tax system, the main African market system was stopped. This action resulted in a great decline in economic growth in Africa.

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Africa’s Economy during the Post-Colonial Era

As much as we try to blame the colonial master, Africa’s economy has also suffered a great deal during the modern era as a result of its lopsided policies in world trade. Africa entered into a policy world trade policy system that was rigged in favor of the major founding nations. This consisted majorly of European countries, Asia and the US. You have probably had the G8 before. The World Bank and the IMF have also been accused of meddling in the economy of the continent.
The incompetency and dishonesty of her leaders is also a major reason for her economic downturn. The Civil Wars across the majority of African countries resulted in a great decline in its economy.
After the departure of the colonial masters, African countries lacked the needed expertise, to maximize their resources. And, greed within the political powers constituted a great deal to the downward turn of events.
It is not all a tale of woes and doom however. The economy of a few African countries has been witnessing an upsurge since early 2000 due to growth in the macroeconomy, improvement in leadership, and integration of technology. Rwanda is a good example.


The economic condition of Africa is still in the recovery phase from the effect of colonialism. The underdevelopment of its counties is a result of this period and also bad governance. More insights about the Africa economy will be discussed in the later series of this topic.

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