What Happened to Africa's Economy - Part 2

What Happened to Africa's Economy - Part 2

Africa, consisting of 54 countries, is tagged the second largest continent and it is blessed with a lot of resources. The African soil is known to be fertile and a good option for agriculture. Experts have said that with the agrarian soil in Africa, the continent is capable of becoming a major food production hub of the world. To put it in context, Africa is capable of producing over 50% of agricultural products demand in the world.

Not only is the land fertile for agriculture, but the lands are also rich in mineral resources. All across the African continent are countries endowed with both oil & gas and solid minerals. There are countries with very large reserves of petroleum, gold, bitumen, coal, and a lot of other mineral resources. It has been said that African land is richer in mineral resources than other major continents of the world.

Unfortunately, despite the presence of these great endowments, the economy of Africa seems not to witness a radical change expected of such abundance. Most nations in Africa are largely underdeveloped. Only a hand few of African countries are tag ‘developing’.

This is quite sad. European and Asian countries known as developed countries have little natural resources at their disposal compared to African's. Nonetheless, they are able to maximize the little resources at their disposal to the best of their economy. Hence the need for the question, 'What happened to the Africa Economy?'.

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Factors Responsible for the Underdevelopment of Africa Economy

The Africa economy is underdeveloped no doubt. However, this underdevelopment can be traced to some external and internal factors.
Each of these factors is analyzed below;
Imperialism, Colonialism, and Slave trade

Although the first series of this article partly addressed this. However, the fact that the effect of colonialism on Africa's economy is severe cannot be overemphasized. It has been the foundation of economic problems in the whole of Africa. As a matter of fact, after so many decades, Africa and its economy are yet to recover from these effects despite independence.

The European colonizers were known to have adopted a series of measures to enforce rules within Africa. Some of those rules include the determination of currency value. During colonization, the colonial masters made their currency the same currency for their colonized territory. After independence, they were able to determine the value of the new currency of those countries.

The market structure adopted by the colonial master was also unfavourable. To enforce compliance and dominance, there was an implementation of taxation. This was an attempt to drain the economic value of the people and to make them submissive. The working class that could have been an added advantage to the economy were made to work low paying jobs.

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Internal factors

The activities of colonial masters are known to be external factors responsible for Africa's bad economy. Nonetheless, there are also internal factors within Africa countries responsible for her economic downward spiral. In spite of several attempts to curtail the effect of colonialism on Africa's economy. These internal factors are the ones upholding the bad economic condition. The factors are highlighted below;

- Bad governance
- Civil war
- Bigotry, nepotism, and tribalism
- Politicisation of economic interest
- Poor investment culture
- High rate of unemployment
- Preference for foreign good over locally made goods
- High rate of bribery and corruption
- Economic sabotage
- Insurgency
The above is clearly stated as factors responsible for economic decline in Africa.


African countries have enough resources to cater for their economic advancement. Aside from the fact that the majority of these resources remain unused, untapped, and unexplored. The activities of colonialism were instrumental to the underdevelopment. Meanwhile, the internal factors responsible for African underdevelopment will be explored in the next article. Please stay with us on this journey and let us know your thought so far.


- Wikipedia: Economic history of Africa
- Published journal: Colonialism, independence, and Underdevelopment in Africa by Princewill Dimkpa

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fagbohun 08 Apr '21
Good information.
julies 07 Apr '21
Bad government
sussanah 07 Apr '21
Bad governance; the bane of Africa's underdeveloped economy
goddey 07 Apr '21
What an great lecture
doublesupol 07 Apr '21
Bad governance and personal greed
blackmanoj 06 Apr '21
We will definitely be great if we utilized our resource well
idowu_omohu0001 06 Apr '21
Bad leadership and selfishness is Africa's problem
stevoo 06 Apr '21
The problem of Africa is bad governance, bribery and corruption, and poor implementation of policy etc
gs49 06 Apr '21
Yeah bigotry
ogodo 06 Apr '21
It's indeed a great platform
aa4love1 06 Apr '21
Bad leaders n bad governance is d cankerworm eating us deeply presently in Africa. If not we would hav been so great that even the colonial masters will still come n request from us. Bt reverse is the case
marveltimmy 06 Apr '21
Nice write up.
thesecondson 06 Apr '21
Great article
umoh 06 Apr '21
Nice write-up
evedyne 06 Apr '21
With all that has happened i still believe in Africa
julies 06 Apr '21
Africa will be good again
nwokedi 06 Apr '21
Wow!!! very educative!!!
jonathanchama 06 Apr '21
Africa will be great again
dareakins 06 Apr '21
Things will fall back in shape.
tosyn 06 Apr '21
Insightful piece
fagbohun 06 Apr '21
Nice information.
adebiyi 06 Apr '21
so enlightening
adebayo 06 Apr '21
Internal factor is more dangerous and has greater bad effect on us than colonization
smeg 06 Apr '21
Internal factors are more of a challenge. Corruption is a major killer!
amodumujeeb 06 Apr '21
It is well with African countries
amodumujeeb 06 Apr '21
It is well with African countries
bimak 06 Apr '21
Information is power
ayakaterver01 06 Apr '21
Best alternative income
pedromartine 06 Apr '21
I just learnt from Crestway
tonwee 06 Apr '21
Whoa! Nice write up.
smeg 06 Apr '21
Very impressive. Kudos
mkumz01 06 Apr '21
Very comprehensive
ogugua 06 Apr '21
This is still happening up till now
ijebs 06 Apr '21
We Africans r blinded by so many things, enthusiasm dies on a daily.. it high time we wake up Nd take charge..
coppy91 06 Apr '21
My love for this crest way trade no be here ooooo. Kudos to crest way trade
missgenius 06 Apr '21
Thanks Crestway
vychthur 06 Apr '21
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olanite11 06 Apr '21
Good write up thanks
aliwa 06 Apr '21
chalice2020 06 Apr '21
Very educative
saunobele 06 Apr '21
Good one. Make me remembered what we learn in old days
olad 06 Apr '21
Very informative crestway
olad 06 Apr '21
Very informative crestway
ruqyatu 06 Apr '21
May God help our economy
nafsy 06 Apr '21
Great discovery
jstar 06 Apr '21
Another word for corruption is Africa
97242835gc 06 Apr '21
Nice piece very educating
jwealth 06 Apr '21
rosysexy19 06 Apr '21
Nice one, expecting more
olaknight 06 Apr '21
Nice article
chosenboy 06 Apr '21
Such a nice write-up
maceke 06 Apr '21
Yes Africa need self reliance.
ayotunde 06 Apr '21
Knowing the problem is one step and how to solve it is another..
adline 06 Apr '21
This is so educative
pantheon 06 Apr '21
Thumbs up. Weldon crestway
sundex 06 Apr '21
Very educative
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Insightful and educating. Thanks for the opportunity
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